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  • The appointive Boomerang Editor shall function as the final say in the content of the “Boomerang.” The Boomerang is the official newsletter of Area 28.

  • The Boomerang will be guided by the G.S.O. Newsletter Guidelines as well as its own guidelines set up by its committee of (4) four rotating members, (addition) who each carry a vote only within the committee, and the editor who carries a vote at Area Committee Meetings and Assemblies.

  • The Boomerang editor is appointed by the Area Chairperson for a term of (4) four years.

  • Committee Members shall be appointed by the Editor.  Committee Members may serve up to two (2) years if they so choose.  Other interested AA Members may also serve on the committee where they will have a vote within the Boomerang Committee.

  • At the editor’s rotation, current editor will turn over all electronic data, paper archive files, and any equipment or software purchased, to the new incoming editor and make themselves available to assist with the first issues of that rotation if needed.

Area 28 Boomerang editor is Deborah M who can be reached at [email protected]