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The Urinator

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Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming drug test? Whether you’re an employee, an athlete, or a job applicant who uses marijuana or cannabis, the thought of passing that test might be on your mind. But fear not!

You may have heard of a device called The Urinator that could help you out. The Urinator is designed to keep synthetic urine at body temperature, providing a discreet and effective solution for surprise drug tests.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at The Urinator and what it has to offer. We’ll discuss its pros, like how realistic and effective it can be, but we’ll also talk about the importance of being cautious and following instructions carefully to avoid any complications.

While The Urinator can be a useful tool, it’s essential to understand how to use it correctly to increase your chances of passing that drug test successfully. So, if you’re curious about how The Urinator could help you out in a pinch, stick around! We’re about to uncover some fascinating information that could make all the difference.

Product Description

Introducing The Urinator, a clever solution designed to help individuals navigate the challenges of drug testing. Created by a trusted manufacturer, this innovative device serves as a fake pee test kit, primarily sought after by employees, athletes, or job applicants facing mandatory drug screenings.

The necessity for such a product arises from the presence of THC toxins in urine, typically resulting from marijuana usage. As workplace drug testing becomes more common, individuals find themselves in need of quick solutions to bypass these tests, especially considering the mandatory and sometimes random nature of such screenings.

The Urinator steps in as a reliable option for those seeking to ensure their urine samples remain free of drug toxins. Unlike relying on samples from friends or family members, which may not meet the necessary criteria, this kit provides a consistent and controlled solution.

Additionally, it addresses the complexities of urinalysis, taking into account various factors such as hormones. With its persuasive description highlighting its benefits and unique features, The Urinator emerges as a practical and essential tool for individuals navigating the challenges of drug testing scenarios. For more information, visit https://www.leavethepackbehind.org/urinator-review.

How to Use

If you’re wondering how to use “The Urinator” effectively for passing a drug test, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some easy steps.

First things first, when you get your hands on the package, unbox it carefully. Inside, you’ll find everything you need including synthetic urine and other necessary items.

Next, you’ll want to mix the synthetic urine with around 75-85 ml of warm water and pour it into the device until it’s full. Make sure to remove as much air as possible from the bag and seal the tubing tightly.

Now comes the important part: heating the urine solution. Insert a Duracell battery into the silicone heater and let it do its job. Proper heating is crucial as the urine needs to be within the temperature range of 36-38°C for the best chance of passing the test.

Once heated, test the temperature using the stainless steel rods with temperature probes.

Finally, open the lid of the IV bag or pouch and pour the contents into a container. It’s essential to follow these steps carefully to maximize your chances of success.

Practice at home before the real test to ensure you’ve got the hang of it. With proper usage, “The Urinator” can help you pass your drug test without a hitch.

Pros and Cons

When considering “The Urinator,” there are several pros and cons to take into account.

On the positive side, customers have praised its long shelf life of 12 months, making it convenient to store at home without worrying about expiration. This feature can be particularly helpful when faced with unexpected drug tests, alleviating the need for last-minute rushes. Additionally, its automated temperature regulation ensures the urine remains at the required temperature for up to 4 hours, eliminating the need for additional heating aids. Its portability also makes it easy to conceal when necessary, adding to its appeal. Moreover, the product boasts numerous positive reviews, indicating satisfaction among users. Furthermore, detailed usage instructions provide guidance on how to pass supervised drug tests using fake urine.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider.

Users must be precise in measuring water to avoid diluting the liquid concentrate excessively. Moreover, the price point may be a deterrent for some, as the product starts at $169.95, making it relatively expensive. Additionally, proficiency in using the device may require practice, which could be seen as a minor inconvenience.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall benefits and positive feedback suggest that “The Urinator” remains a viable option for those seeking a solution for passing drug tests.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a crucial part of understanding whether a product works well or not. Looking at the comments and experiences shared by people who have used “The Urinator” can give us a good idea of how effective it is.

According to a review from 2022 by Testclear, even mixing tap water with the concentrate of “The Urinator” works fine, as long as it’s done in the correct proportions. One user mentioned that they prefer “The Urinator” over fake urine kits that require hand warmers or heating pads, possibly because it’s more convenient to use.

Another tip from a Reddit user suggests that using fresh batteries is important for optimal performance, which makes sense since the device runs on batteries. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any negative reviews to balance out the feedback, which might indicate that overall, users are satisfied with their experiences using “The Urinator.”

This positive feedback suggests that many users have had success with “The Urinator” and found it to be a reliable solution for their needs.


Q: Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2022?

A: Yes, it can be detected if you walk clumsily. That’s why you need to practice using the kit at home first.

Q: What is the right temperature?

A: The recommended temperature window is between 36 to 38 degrees Celsius, or 92 to 100 Fahrenheit.

Q: How do I wear it?

A: You need to purchase a leg strap or tape to secure the kit to your body.

Q: Can it be used by both genders?

A: Sure thing, The Urinator and other fake urine kits are unisex products.

Q: Do I really have to put this computerized device in my private area?

A: There’s nothing to fear. Using kits with heating pads is not as great at maintaining the urine’s temperature as with computerized technology.


In conclusion, “The Urinator” stands out as an effective solution for those seeking a fake urine kit. This review has highlighted its value, indicating that it is a worthwhile investment for buyers. However, it’s important to note that the success of The Urinator hinges on following the manufacturer’s instructions diligently and practicing proper usage techniques. Failure to do so may lead to ineffective results. Nonetheless, these potential drawbacks are easily avoidable with careful attention and practice. Overall, The Urinator emerges as a dependable option for individuals in need of a fake urine kit, provided that the user follows the recommended guidelines for optimal results.