Themes of the General Service Conference

1966    Principles and Responsibility (first year a theme was used)

1967    Sponsorship–The Hand of A.A.

1968    Unity Vital to A.A. Survival, Growth

1969    Group Conscience Guides A.A.

1970    Service–The Heart of A.A.

1971    Communication:  Key to A.A.

1972    Our Primary Purpose

1973    Responsibility–Our Expression of Gratitude 

1974    Understanding and Cooperation–Inside and Outside A.A.

1975    Unity Through Love and Service

1976    Sponsorship–Our Privilege and Responsibility

1977    The A.A. Group–Where It Begins

1978    The Member and the Group–Recovery Through Service

1979    The Legacies: Our Heritage and My Responsibility

1980    Participation: The Key to Recovery

1981    A.A. Takes Its Inventory

1982    The Traditions – Our Way of Unity

1983    Anonymity – Our Spiritual Foundation

1984    Gratitude – The Language of the Heart

1985    Golden Moments of Reflection

1986    A.A.’s Future – Our Responsibility

1987    The Seventh Tradition – A Turning Point

1988    Singleness of Purpose – Key to Unity

1989    Anonymity – Living Our Traditions

1990    The Home Group – Our Responsibility and Link to A.A.’s Future

1991    Sponsorship: Gratitude in Action

1992    The A.A. Message in a Changing World

1993    A.A. Takes Its Inventory–The General Service Conference Structure

1994    Spirit of Sacrifice

1995    Pass It On – Our Three Legacies

1996    Preserving Our Fellowship – Our Challenge

1997    Spirituality – Our Foundation

1998    Our Twelfth Step Work

1999    Moving Forward: Unity Through Humility

2000    Trusting Our Future to A.A. Principles

2001    Love and Service

2002    Sharing the Steps, Traditions and Concepts 

2003    Living A.As Principles Through Sponsorship

2004    Our Singleness of Purpose The Cornerstone of A.A.

2005    Basics of Our Home Group Recovery, Unity and Service

2006    Sponsorship, Service and Self-Support in a Changing World

2007    Our 12th Step Responsibility Are We Going to Any Length?

2008    Communication and Participation The Key to Unity and Self-Support

2009    Our Commitment to Carry A.A.s message Enthusiasm and Gratitude in Action

2010    Practicing A.A.s Principles the Pathway to Unity 

Some Pictures from AA History