Area 28 Committees

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Area 28 Standing Committees

Area 28 has fourteen standing committees, each designed to fulfill specialized needs of A.A. members, or to reach the still suffering alcoholic. Some of the committees  assist the professional community by educating and
providing useful information on how A.A. can and cannot help, within the Twelve Traditions.

Area 28 also has a Registrar who maintains the group contact information with the General Service Office.

Most Area Committees chairs are appointed by the Area Chair for two-year terms, corresponding to the rotation of officers.

The Finance Committee is chaired by the Alternate Treasurer and the Guidelines Committee is chaired by the Alternate Delegate. The Roundup Chair is elected by the Area Assembly.

Each Area Committee includes the Chairs of the any like District Committee if the District has a like Committee. Committees meet at the Assemblies, prior to the Area Committee Meetings and/or at the call of its chair.



Bridging the Gap

Cooperation with the Professional
Community (CPC)






Love and Service

Public Information


Special Needs/Remote Communities