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Literature  Committee

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Literature  Committee

  • The purpose of the literature committee is to be a resource to help any individual, district, or committee with their literature needs. Chair should have a working knowledge of all conference approved literature and have one copy of each to help anyone with their requests  to see what they need before they order
    it. The chair should also be ready to assist in ordering literature with copies of forms.

  • The literature committee should also maintain a small inventory of service literature, available at cost from GSO.

  • The committee shall be ready to set up a display of and sell said service literature at Assemblies and other events, at cost.

    • Newly revised conference approved material should be available.

  • The chair is appointed by the Maine Area Chair following the Election Assembly in October and shall serve a two-year term beginning in January of the following year.

  • The committee shall include the appointed chair, any appointed district chairs, all district literature chairs, and any district or group literature committee members.

  • Each member of the committee has a vote within the committee and a simple majority shall constitute a passing vote within the committee.

  • The committee shall meet at all Area Committee meetings and at Area Assemblies. The chair can call a special meeting at any other time.

  • The literature chair is responsible for turning over all inventories, information, and supplies to the incoming Chair prior to the January Maine Area Committee Meeting.

Area 28 Literature chair is Joe M, who can be reached at [email protected]