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Best ways to pass a urine drug test

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If you are wondering how to pass a urine drug test for weed – you have come to the right place. People do it to successfully apply for a certain job, or anything else, by the employers, doping agencies, doctors, psychiatrists, courts, etc. There are numerous institutions which show concern about drug tests, because the recreational use of drugs, although legal in various states, can impact a person’s work performance.

So, many of you may seek guaranteed ways to pass a pee test, to beat all the doubts of a concerned institution. To pass a piss test is significant for the people who opt for it due to any of their concerns, with a safe and successful procedure, because if it is detected once, it will be problematic for the individual in the future.

A urine drug test, also defined as urinalysis is one of the most familiar ways of testing, if someone is currently taking drugs, habitually, occasionally, or just randomly for recreational purposes, no matter legally, or illegally.

Why test urine for drug detection?

After taking weed or any other drug you have taken last time, your body responds to it in numerous ways, including discarding the chemicals these drugs contained.

Urine is one of those ways to flush out all the chemicals because indications of drugs can appear in the urine of a person, who is taking drugs, and remain in the body even for a few weeks after consumption. So, these indications can be easily detectable with the help of lab tests.

There are numerous drugs that people are commonly using for so many reasons, it’s not just the weed. However, there are some particular drugs that can be detected easily with the help of urinalysis. These drugs mostly include:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Barbiturates
  3. Phencyclidine (PCP)
  4. Cocaine
  5. Steroids
  6. Opioids

Along with all these drugs, weed stays in your urine for almost a week, if you are using it normally three to four times during the whole week. However, if the frequency of usage is so high, it is detectable, after the last use, for the duration of almost one month.

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How does a urine drug test work?

To make it properly work, you can take a urine test for the detection of drugs in your body, at a reputed lab, in a doctor’s clinic, or even at your workplace with the help of a professional sample collector, whom you can call at your place.

A urine drug test can be done even in a public restroom, if you have a relevant sample collector with you, for example, a lab assistant from a police department. It is not a big deal, you just have to piss in a small sterile glass or plastic cup privately, and close its lid tightly before handing it over to the collector.

For all types of drugs, if the test is needed, collectors submit your samples in the lab, where laboratory professionals test the sample accordingly and provide the results normally within three to four days.

People, who want passing a urine drug test at any cost, will seek every possible and best way to accomplish it. So, choosing the best way can be done with different categories including:

  • The particularity of suitable time
  • Specification of the drug user’s weight
  • Frequency of the use of drugs including marijuana

And the budget you have decided to consume for these drug tests. No matter, which category you have chosen for your drug test, the ultimate goal is to pass it anyway. Because failing a drug test will make you suspicious in the eyes of many concerned authorities, they can wrongly judge you as a drug abuser, or anything more negative.

After a lab test for a urine drug test has proven to be valid, you may lose your position at your workplace. There are plenty of business companies or organizations, not all of them though, which attach the drug testing process along with their screening applications, and they can cancel your job applications.

If you are a super-conscious individual and don’t want to take any risk of failing a urine drug test, you may seek some ultimate measures which help you to pass your drug test. In this regard, home remedies to pass a drug test are always best to opt for.

Pass a drug test in 24 hours with home remedies

There can be multiple scenarios – for example, if you are heavily addicted to the drugs, you may not pass a drug test easily, and no home remedy is not going to help you. In this case you likely need to get some professional help. However, if you are a random user, this can be helpful.

While having an upcoming drug test, there are a few useful precautionary measures you can take at home by yourself. These measures will help you to cleanse your body in a natural way, before the due date of your drug test.

The first and foremost precaution can be obvious for many people. You should stop consuming drugs because the more recent you have taken the drug, the more chances of detection will increase.

Along with pausing the use of the drug, you should avoid those gatherings, where weed or any other drugs are being consumed, for example, your private social parties, clubs, etc. Because breathing in that smoke can affect your test result in some way or the other.

Consuming a specific amount of water, if you start it a few days before the drug testing, will help you to dilute different toxins, and to eject them from your body.

Water intake can be increased with the help of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in fiber and carbohydrates. You should pause eating junk or processed food, or any other quick form of food, because they will affect your body temperature negatively, resulting in affecting your drug test result. So, it is better to consume a healthy diet containing all the necessary nutrients, fiber, and lean proteins. It will help you eradicate all those toxic chemicals from your body by urine or while passing stool because of great digestion and ultimately help to pass a drug screen.


A home remedy that really works is the process of dilution. As is was already mentioned above, diluting the urine from your body by consuming more and more water before you have been tested, is one of the guaranteed ways and best way to pass urine drug test.

On the other hand, before going for a drug test, if you have consumed less water, it can affect your results negatively and can create problems for you. Taking less water will make your level of creatinine scant. However, if you have realized that you have the problem of little creatinine, it can be solved with a ready-to-consume creatinine container that you can buy from any store. A small dose of creatinine will help you to boost up its level before having your drug test.

Sometimes, taking water only in a sufficient quantity is not possible for a person, who is not habitual, so they can use lemon juice or green tea along with water. For this purpose, you can have a pot full of green tea in your bedroom or at your workplace, so that you can sip it whenever you don’t want to drink simple water. According to a different analysis, lemon juice or some other juices can work as a detox agent or body cleanser, to clean up your inner system before the drug test is going to happen.

To pass a drug screen within 24 hours is not a big deal for anyone with some help of the natural home remedies. We are talking about simple ingredients such as water, green tea, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and plenty of liquids. Besides all these steps, there is a product you may have already been using in your kitchen that can help you in your pee drug test, and that is a sure gel. It is commonly used to have a thick consistency in different dishes, easily available in different grocery stores.

This fruit pectin gel helps in the process of digestion by leaving some important residues in your urine or blood, resulting in your desired result. You have to consume a complete pack of this particular gel, at least 24 hours before the conduction of the drug test, and one packet on that particular day.

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally

Now, there are numerous home remedies available to help you in passing a urine drug test, including increased use of water, or liquid intake, adopting a lifestyle of exercise, etc. But sometimes these remedies take too long time.

So, if you are in a rush, and want to pass a urine drug test within 24 hours, there are several way-outs to help you in this regard. No matter which drug you have taken, if it is to be detected through your urine, you can easily manage to pass that screening.

Here you go with some instant tips for passing a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally!

  • Drink plenty of water, preferably a little warmer, with an adequate balance, which means you don’t have to jump into the excessive usage of water within a duration of 24 hours, so an adequate amount of water can be 64oz.
  • Stop consuming the particular drug you are taking at once, be it cannabis, or any other drug, you have to quit the dosages, at least 24 hours before the test is coming your way.
  • Consume a tin of pectin 24 hours before your urine drug test.
  • After doing all these, you can also opt for a urine test by yourself before the actual test, if everything comes out clear, it means you are on the right track of taking all these precautions, and you have a cleaner body now. So, you can repeat them before your final urine drug test.
  • Take all those measures which are used to cleanse a human body from all the toxic chemicals left inside after consuming any kind of drug.
  • Using a drug can affect your body temperature in a way that it may produce more heat in the body, or it can cause heat loss. So you have to normalize your body temperature before a urine drug test conducting within 24 hours.


The usage of drugs is easily detectable with a urine drug test, no matter if you have taken it 24 hours ago, or weeks ago, it depends on several factors. However, people who don’t want to disclose that to their concerning authorities can opt for several fastest and quick ways to avoid a positive result including home remedies, and some medical help.

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