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The mission of the Archives Committee is to oversee the operation and procedure of the Area 28 archives; to make proposals for creating Area Archives policy; and to aid the Area Archivist in the effort to preserve and protect the Area 28 Archives collection. The Archives Committee shall be responsible for reviewing all aspects of Archives policy and, based upon such reviews, the Archives Committee will submit reports, recommendations, and agenda items to the Area Committee, and the Area Assembly.

  • The Archives Committee does not set policy, therefore, neither the Archives Committee, nor any of its members, shall be individually or collectively authorized or responsible for establishment of Archives policy, however they may recommend policy ideas.

  • The Archives Committee shall be composed of: 1) The Area Archives Chairperson,  2) The Area Archivist, 3) The Alternate Archivist, 4)The Chairperson of any District Archives Committee, 5) District Chairs, or other persons, who are appointed to the Archives Committee by the Area Chairperson, Anyone who maybe elected to the Archives Committee by a vote of the Area Assembly, the Area Committee or the Archives Committee.

  • All members of the Archive Committee must also be  members of  Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • All members of the Archives Committee are eligible to vote on matters brought before the committee.

  • Any member of Alcoholics Anonymous may participate in a meeting of the Archives Committee, but only committee members may vote.

  • By a majority vote of the committee, persons who are not members of Alcoholics Anonymous may be allowed to speak at  Archives Committee meetings.

  • Archives policy is approved by the Area Assembly.

  • All voting in the Archives Committee shall be by a simple majority of voting members present.

  • All votes will take place at Area Committee meetings  and Assemblies.

  • A full set of keys to all locked Area Archives shall be entrusted to the Archives Chair, the Area Archivist, and the Area Chair.

The Area Archivist:

  • Appointment of the Area Archivist: The Area Chairperson appoints the Archivist, who is then confirmed by the Area Assembly at its next meeting. The Archives Committee may make a recommendation to the Area Chair.

  • The Area Archivist shall serve a term of two years, with the option to stand for reappointment for an unrestricted number of terms.

  • The Area Archivist shall be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Should the Archivist be unable to fulfill his/her commitment, the   Archivist must notify the Area Chair of his/her intent to retire from the position.

  • The expenses of the Archivist will be reimbursed to attend the Area 28 Round-Up to display Archives at the Round-Up.

The area archivist is Peter T, [email protected]

The Alternate Area Archivist, Bill H, [email protected]