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Grapevine Committee

  • The purpose of the Grapevine Committee is to encourage districts and groups within Area 28 to elect Grapevine Representatives and to allow elected members of AA to participate in the service structure of Area 28. The committee shall carry the message of recovery through our ‘meeting in print’ and by encouraging subscriptions to the Grapevine.

  • The Area Chair appoints the committee chair. Other members include all district Grapevine Reps and one or more district chairs appointed by the Area Chair.

  • All members are voting members within the committee.

  • Changes in committee guidelines go to the guidelines committee for referral to the Assembly if needed.

  • A simple majority vote is required for committee action.

  • Always refer to G.S.O. guidelines for clarification.

  • Outgoing committee chair will meet with the newly appointed committee chair at the end of the two year rotation to transfer all paperwork and update the new chair on what the committee is doing.

Area 28 Grapevine chair is Roy R. who can be reached at [email protected]