Other resources

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Other Resourecs

  1. aa.org
  2. csoaamaine.org/
  3. downeastintergroup.org


  1. Box 456
  2. f-13
  3. Boomerang
  4. The Beam
  5. Downeast Intergroup Newsletter

AA Information is best found at aa.org

The pamplets for recovery, for service, and for professionals on the aa.org site are current. Also service information for meeting resources,
group / district resources, and workbooks can be found on the aa.org site as well.

To find a publication or document you can put your search term into the search box to find the item you are looking for:

image for search

If that does not produce the item you are looking for try the Site Map. Do a Ctrl-f in the browser and use the browser search to find the
item. Tip — spell out twelve instead of 12.