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Bridging the Gap

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Bridging the Gap Committee    

  • The purpose of the Bridging the Gap standing Committee is to be a means of  connecting those alcoholics leaving correctional and treatment institutions with  Alcoholics Anonymous on the outside when they are released.

  • The Bridging the Gap (BTG) chairperson shall be appointed by the Area Chair following the Fall Election Assembly in October and serve a two year term           beginning in January of the following year.

  • The Area BTG committee shall include District and Group BTG chairs and  Districts and Group BTG committee members.

  • The Area BTG committee chair and District chairs shall be responsible for compiling lists of those willing to be contacts for persons being released. The lists from each District will be maintained by the Area BTG chair.

  • The Area BTG committee shall meet at all Area Committee meetings and Area Assemblies. The chair can call a special meeting at any time.

  • Actions to be brought before the Area Committee by the Area BTG committee will be decided by group conscience at the standing committee meeting. Attending members will have a voice and a vote within the committee.

  • The outgoing committee chair will meet with the newly appointed committee chair at the Area swap-out meeting in December at the end of the two year rotation in order to transfer all paperwork and update the new chair on what the committee is doing.

The Area 28 Bridging the Gap chair is Jay M. who can be reached at [email protected]