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Area 28 Officers

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Area 28 Officers:

Delegate: Spencer R [email protected]

Alt. Delegate: Linda T [email protected]

Area Chair: Mary Lou Q [email protected]

Alt. Chair: Byron B [email protected]

Secretary: Ray A [email protected]

Alt Secretary: Jerry W [email protected]

Treasurer: Jerry L [email protected]

Alt. Treasurer: Philip H [email protected]

Registrar: Cherie S [email protected]

Standing Committee Chairs

Archives: Byron B [email protected]

Boomerang Editor: Stephen M [email protected]

Bridging the Gap: Jim B [email protected]

CPC: Carla M [email protected]

Corrections: Robin G [email protected]

Finance: Phil H [email protected]

Grapevine: Jay M [email protected]

Guidelines: Linda T [email protected]

Literature: Joe M

Love and Service: Rick Y [email protected]

Public Information: Anne D [email protected]

Round-Up: Gary S [email protected]

Special Needs: Phil B [email protected]

Treatment: Deborah M [email protected]

Non-Voting Servants

CSO Liaison: Jim B [email protected]

Archivist: Peter T [email protected]

Alternate Archivist: Marie N [email protected]

Boomerang Reporter East: Janette B [email protected]

Boomerang Reporter West: Ed L [email protected]

Boomerang Reporter South: Lee M [email protected]

Boomerang Reporter North: Patty C [email protected]

Past Delegates

Bob D, Panel 36, [email protected]

Elaine O, Panel 48, [email protected]

Jesse M, Panel 50, [email protected]

Miles B, Panel 52, [email protected]

Mark  T, Panel 54, [email protected]

Denny O, Panel 56, [email protected]

Kathi D, Panel 58, [email protected]