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What is a GSR?
A General Service Representative (GSR) is the link between an AA group and AA as a whole.

On page S26 of the AA Service Manual, we find: “The GSR represents the voice of the group conscience, reporting the group’s thoughts to the district committee member (DCM) and to the delegate, who passes them on to the Conference.”

It is recommended that GSRs have at least two years of sobriety, time to commit to meetings, and the ability to listen to differing points of view.


Suggestions for new GSRs

  1. If your group is new, please complete a New Group Form, otherwise complete a GSR Change Form and send it to the Area registrar.

  2. Read Is Your Group Linked to AA as a Whole? on AA General Service Office Web site

  3. Familiarize yourself with Area 28, Maine & New Brunswick General Service by exploring this web site. In particular, read the Area 28 GSR Workbook

  4. Attend the district meeting where your group is located. You may want to look at the AA Parliamentary Procedure guide first.

  5. Attend the next Area 28 Assembly or other service activity listed on the Area schedule. You may want to look at the AA Parliamentary Procedure guide first.

  1. Read more AA literature on General Service. Suggestions are:
                 Your AA General Service Office

                 The AA Service Manual (Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service)
                 Circles of Love and Service
                 AAs Legacy of Service

                 AA Guidelines

                 Service Material from the General Service Office

  2. There are monthly handouts with the Tradition and Concept of each month, along with checklists, that can be helpful when used as District and group meetings to help us learn about them. Go to MonthlyHandouts.


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