• The mission of the Website Committee is to oversee the operation of the Area 28 Website, the activities of the Webmaster and to review and establish Website policies as needed.
  • The primary purpose of the Area 28 website is to provide information to GSRs, Area Committee members and other interested AAs within Area 28. The Website Committee will follow the GSO Guidelines on the Internet.
  • The Website Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that website policies are appropriately implemented and for reviewing all aspects of Website policy and will submit reports to the Area Committee and the Area Assembly. When a major change in policies or the website is proposed, the Committee may make recommendations and submit agenda items to the Area Committee and the Area Assembly.
  • Website Committee meets online so that members of all other standing committees may participate. If you are a member of Area 28 and would like to join and participate in the Website Committee, go to Web28Committee and sign up. Because we do not want this group to be public—not open to people other than members of Area28—you will be asked to give some basic information and apply to the group. OR contact the Website Committee Chair for inclusion in these online discussions.  Please help and give us the benefit of your perspective and ideas.


  • The Area Chairperson appoints the Webmaster in consultation with the Website Committee and the Webmaster is then confirmed by the Area Assembly at its next meeting.
  • The Area Webmaster serves a term of two years with the option to stand for re-appointment for an unspecified number of panels to serve.
  • The Area Webmaster attends meetings of the Website Committee and reports and makes recommendations to the Committee.
  • The Area Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining the domain, website email forwarding, responding to inquiries, updating information (e.g. names of committee chairpersons, officers and changes in contact information), posting information and changes as requested by the Website Committee, and recommending changes or revisions for the Website to the Website Committee.
  • A major responsibility of the Webmaster, in concert with the committee chairperson, is to develop and train people to assist the Webmaster and to later assume the Webmaster position whom may be appointed as Webmaster in the future.
  • The Webmaster will ensure that the Website Committee Chairperson and Area Secretary have all access information, codes and passwords.


Anonymity is a major issue in doing both Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) work and in our website work. The AA Pamphlet, Understanding Anonymity is an important resource and here is an excellent recent article on anonymity.

Anonymity online is becoming and increasingly important and difficulty issue. Here is a service material from GSO on Anonymity Online.







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