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Round-Up Committee

The purpose of the Area 28 Round-Up Committee is to organize and produce a Maine Area Round-up each year.

  • The elected Round-Up Committee Chairperson shall appoint the members.  Chairperson is empowered after the election rather than January 1.

  • The Alternate Round-Up Chair is elected at the Fall Election Assembly, following the election of the Round-Up Chair.

  • The Alternate will vote in the chair's absence.

  • The Round-Up Committee will be responsible for: Round-Up Seed Money; Literature and Flyers; Suggested Host Facility and Facilities Services; Al-Anon and Al-Ateen Representation at Meetings; Round-Up Agenda, Speakers, Workshops;       Registration; Booths, Grapevine, CSO, Meeting List, etc.; Audit of Expenses; Return of proceeds to Area Treasurer

  • All key note speaker meetings shall be signed for the deaf community by a Certified  American Sign Language interpreter.

  • Round-Up Committee Chairperson will be responsible for timely reports to Maine Area Committee on suggestions of his/her Round-Up Committee.

  • A written financial report shall be available at all Fall assemblies.

  • The Maine Area will reimburse the Round-Up Chairperson and Alternate Round-Up Chairperson for expenses to attend Area Committee meetings and Area Assemblies.

  • The Round-Up committee chair has full authority to contract with the chosen facility, as an agent for Area 28, in order to plan and effectuate the RU.  Ultimate financial responsibility lies with Area 28.

Area 28 Roundup Chair chair is Gary S. who can be reached at [email protected]

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