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Guidelines Committee


  • The purpose of the Guidelines Committee is to assist in the writing and maintaining of guidelines for Maine Area Officers, Committees, and functions, as well as update and maintain the Maine Area 28 Workbook.

  • The committee will consist of the Alternate Delegate as Chair, a District Chair assigned by the Area Chair, all district guidelines chairs and a GSR selected by the Guidelines Committee Chair from each of the four regions north, south, east and west of Area 28.

  • Each member of the committee has a vote within the committee.  Any member of A.A. may attend the Guidelines Committee meetings, and all who attend have a voice.

  • The committee will meet at each Area Committee Meeting and at each Assembly. Special meetings may be called by the Alternate Delegate/Committee Chair if necessary.

  • Guidelines given to the committee must be approved by a simple majority vote of the committee in order to be presented to the Area Committee for placement on Assembly agendas.

  • The Area 28 Guidelines Committee Chairperson will hand over all notes, minutes and information regarding the Guidelines Committee to the next incoming Guidelines Committee Chair within 30 days of the new Alternate Delegate/Guidelines Chairperson being elected.

  • The current chairperson is responsible for passing forward all information and documents for the committee to the next/incoming chair for the committee.

Area 28 Alternate delegate, Linda T, is the Guideline Committee chair who can be reached at [email protected]



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