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About Area 28 Maine and New Brunswick General Service

An area is a geographical division of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are 93 Delegate Areas in the US & Canada. One General Service Conference Delegate comes from each Area. In Maine there is only one Delegate Area, that includes a portion of New Brunswick. The map at the left shows the Districts in Area 28.

The Area 28 Committee consists of nine Area Officers, District Chairs from 26 geographically defined districts, and 14 Area Committees Chairs. The Area Committee is responsible for the health of the conference structure and thus for growth and harmony in the A.A. fellowship.

An Area 28 Assembly is a meeting of GSR's and the Area Committee. There are two Area Assemblies per year. Voting members of the Assembly include all GSR's (or their alternates), Past Delegates and all members of the Area Committee. During the Area Assembly there are reports from Area Officers, Committees, and District Chairs. The assembly also takes action on proposals presented the Area Assembly from AA members. The Area Assembly is an integral part of the Conference structure, the democratic voice of the members expressing themselves. Assemblies are the responsibility of the Area Committee, and are conducted by our Area Chair.

Area 28 is part of the Northeast region of Alcoholics Anonymous, along with Areas from New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

The Area 28 Service Workbook details how Area 28 functions, including the responsibilities of the various trusted servants.

The Area 28 White Book lists the area assembly actions from Fall, 1955.

For a list of Area 28 Servants.

Each of the Area Committees is listed in this website, along with guidelines and the current area chair.

For further information on the structure and functions of Alcoholics Anonymous we recommend reading The AA Service Manual published by AA World Services. 



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